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OneNET China Mobile Internet of Things topic

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OneNET China Mobile Internet of Things topic

Platform Introduction

China Mobile Internet of Things Open Platform is an open platform and ecological environment built by China Mobile Internet of Things Co., Ltd. based on Internet of Things technology and industrial characteristics.

Adapt to various network environments and protocol types, support fast access and big data services of various sensors and smart hardware, and provide rich APIs

And application templates to support the development of various industry applications and smart hardware, which can effectively reduce the cost of IoT application development and deployment, and meet

Platform-level service requirements such as device connection, protocol adaptation, data storage, data security, and big data analysis in the IoT field.

China Mobile Internet of Things Open Platform has always adhered to an open and cooperative attitude, providing hardware community services for smart hardware makers and startups.

Provide data display, data analysis and application generation services for the Internet of Things application needs of small and medium-sized customers, and provide key industry areas/large customers

Provide industry PaaS services and customized development services.

OneNET: Big connection, cloud platform, light application, big data.

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Development data summary

OneNET AT development documentation: OneNET AT指令

OneNET AT firmware: ai-thinker_esp8266_dio_onenet_v1.3_20160510.7z ai-thinker_esp8266_dio_onenet_v1.4_20160518.7z

About the difference between v1.3 and v1.4: onenet_at_command_v1.4.pdf

Example of getting started with OneNET AT: OneNET AT示例

OneNET SDK documentation and examples: OneNET SDK开发

OneNET iOS App Demo: onenetdemo_ios_user_guide.pdf

OneNET Android App Demo: onenet_android_user_guide.pdf

Android/iOS app

Tool download: Development tool list

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