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GPS Module Series

GPS Module Series


BG01/BG01-T and BG02/BG02-T are modules independently developed by B&T Technology based on the GK9501 navigation SoC chip, featuring low power consumption and small size. Support BDS/GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO/QZSS/SBAS multi-mode satellite positioning, with high-performance ceramic antenna, widely used in car navigation, smart wear, drones and other smart devices, can upgrade multi-mode positioning function.

GP-01 and GP-02 are modules independently developed by Ai-Thinker Technology based on the latest generation of self-developed radio frequency baseband integrated navigation SoC chips. They have the characteristics of low power consumption and small size, and support BDS+GPS dual mode for the first time. Joint positioning is the best choice for terminal equipment to replace a single GPS module or add Beidou positioning function. It can support customers to upgrade the multi-mode positioning function in smart devices such as tracker, OBD, positioning bracelet, campus card and so on.


1. BG01:BG01 specification

2. BG01-T:BG01-T specification

3. BG02:BG02 specification

4. BG02-T:BG02-T specification

5. GP-01:CN EN

6. GP-01-Kit:CN EN

7. GP-02:CN EN

8. GP-02-Kit:CN EN

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User manual and development documentation: document centre

Development example: GPS Demo

Development tools: GPS test tools

GP-02 hardware packageGP-02 package download

GP-01 hardware packageGP-01 package download

BG series GPS module hardware package library Hardware package library

BG series GPS module firmwareFirmware download

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