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Trace: RF433 Module Series

RF433 Module Series

RF433 Module Series


Ai-Thinker SI4432 wireless module is designed and developed by Ai-Thinker Technology. The module uses the latest version of Silicon Labs' highly integrated wireless ISM transceiver chip SI4432. The frequency range is 240~930MHz, with extremely high receiving sensitivity (-117dBm) and transmitting power (+20dBm), which greatly improves the penetration and transmission range, and the open and barrier-free communication distance is more than 1000 meters at +20dBm output power . Users do not need to understand the relevant knowledge of radio, and can use this module to easily develop wireless-related products with stable and reliable performance.

Application field

It can be widely used in various IoT scenarios:

• Wireless remote control

• Remote meter reading

• Wireless access control

• Wireless security alarm

• Industrial Control

• Smart Home

• Health monitoring

• Sensor network

• Tire pressure monitoring

• Active electronic tag


  • Working frequency: 433M
  • Frequency range: 240~960MHz
  • Receiving sensitivity: -117 dBm
  • Maximum output power: +20dBm
  • Data transfer rate 1.2~128kbps   
  • Support FSK, GFSK and OOK modulation methods
  • 1.8~3.6V power supply         
  • Ultra low power shutdown mode
  • Digital received signal strength indicator (RSSI)
  • Timed wake-up function
  • Antenna automatic matching and two-way switch control  
  • Configurable data packet structure
  • Preamble detection        
  • 64 bytes send and receive data register (FIFO)
  • Low voltage detection          
  • Temperature sensing and 8-digital-analog converter
  • Working temperature range -40°C~+85°C   
  • Integrated voltage regulator
  • Frequency hopping function          
  • Power-on reset function
  • Built-in crystal adjustment function

Resource summary

Si4432 specification: si4432 chip datasheet

BS01 specification: bs01 module datasheet

User Manual: si4432_user_guide_v1.0.pdf

Chip data sheet:

Reference example: the reference code of si4432:mcu

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