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NB-IoT Module Series

NB-IoT Module Series


EC series modules are NB-IoT modules developed by Ai-Thinker. The main chip scheme adopted by the NB part is EC616S. The chip has an ultra-highly integrated NB-IoT SoC, supports ultra-low power consumption, and fully supports the 3GPP Rel14 NB-IoT standard. It is an ultra-high cost-effective NB-IoT chip.

It has the following characteristics: 1. Integrate RF transceiver, PA, RF filter, antenna switch and power management. 2. Excellent communication performance and stability in various wireless environments. 3. Excellent power consumption performance in various modes (PSM, DRX, eDRX, connected state) 4. The unique MCU mode provides a lower working current and shorter wake-up time.


2.1 Specification of module

EC-01: Chinese EN

EC-01G: Chinese EN


2.2 Specification of development board

EC-01-Kit: 中文EN

EC-01G-Kit: 中文EN

EC-01F-Kit: 中文EN

2.3 Development board schematic diagram

EC-01-Kit: Click to download

EC-01G-Kit: Click to download

EC-01F-Kit: Click to download

3.Package and Certificate of module

Package: Click to download

Certificate: Click to download

4.AT manuals and application examples

AT command set: Click to download

module/development board of EC series firmware update download guide:

EC series AT commands connect to TCP server to realize remote sending and receiving of data:

EC series AT command MQTT access to Alibaba Cloud

EC series AT commands use Http protocol to get the weather in mind:

5.Other information

EC series burning software:Click to download

EC series firmware download guide:

EC616S data manual:Click to download

RF and power consumption test report: Click to download

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