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Offline Voice Module Series

Offline Voice Module Series

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VC series module is a low-cost pure offline speech recognition module developed by Shenzhen Ai-Thinker Technology Co., Ltd. The module uses the voice chip US516P6 launched by Unisound. It features high reliability and versatility. Highly reliable wake-up recognition rates, more distant wake-up, more low-incorrect wokens, more low-erroneous wake-up rates, more low-than-off, faster response identification time, secreted pure line identification.

The VC Series module adopt a 32bit RISC architectural kernel and has joined the DSP instruction set required for signal processing and speech recognition, support floating point operations, and FFT accelerators. Supports up to 150 local instructions offline identification, support RTOS lightweight systems, as well as simple and friendly customary tools.

The VC Series module has a rich peripheral interface, including UART / I2C / PWM / SPI, and simple&friendly secondary development tools for customers to implement a single-mode group speech control application scenario scheme.


* Support bilingual control, both Chinese and English
* Single MIC Access
* Support AEC echo elimination, steady-state noise reduction
* Support to wake up from learning, no need to compile firmware
* Comprehensive recognition rate can reach more than 98%
* Identification time is less than 100ms
* Extremely low error rate
* Entry corpus up to 150

Kernel Introduction

* Integrated 32bit RISC kernel, frequency up to 240MHz
* Support for DSP instruction sets and FPU floating point arithmetic units
* FFT Accelerator: Maximum Support 1024 points FFT / IFFT operation, or 2048 points FFT / IFFT operation
* Unisound Equation Customized Logo Algorithm
* Built-in 242KB high speed SRAM
* 8kb ROM for boot
* Built-in 2MB SPI Flash
* Support 1 road simulation MIC input, SNR ≥ 94dB
* Support for dual channel DAC output
* Built-in 5V to 3.3V, 3.3V 1.2V LDO is power supply for chip
* Provide complete RTOS-based SDK


VC-01: CN EN

VC-02: CN EN

VC-01-Kit: CN EN

VC-02-Kit: CN EN

Development Resources

1. Secondary development environment:click to download

2. Compilation Toolchain Git Warehouse:

3. Firmware Burn Manual

4. Development Guidance Manual:click to download

5. Instruction words list (Factory default): CN EN

6. Module placement Acoustic design guidance for smart voice product solutions: Download

7.Factory instruction list:CN EN

8.Factory firmware:CN EN

9.Module placement: guidance on acoustic design of intelligent voice product scheme: click to download

10.Windows platform serial port driver download: Link

Application development

VC-01-Kit Voice Control LED Light

Burn tool

Hardware packaging

VC-01 Hardware packaging:packing
VC-02 Hardware packaging:Packing

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