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RHF76-052 is a LoRAWAN modem, developed and designed by Anxinke Technology. It has a built-in LoRaWAN protocol stack and supports AT command set. It has the advantages of low power consumption, low cost, wide coverage, and low complexity. Collect information on large-scale “things”. LoRa network solves the problems of high cost of traditional GPRS network and multiple deployment of gateways. With LoRa technology, enterprises can build their own networks, completely avoiding the traffic charges of operators, and greatly reducing the cost of networking;


Use serial communication to control the module by sending AT commands

Support dual band 433/470MHz and 868/915MHz

Built-in LoRaWAN protocol stack, support China CLAA protocol

Support EU868/US915/AU915/Japan 902-928MHz LBT function

Up to 72 upstream channels (64 normal channels with a bandwidth of 125kHz and 8 channels with a bandwidth of 500kHz)

Support CLASS A and CLASS C, Class B will be launched later

Support APB and OTAA to join the network

Support custom data rate

Support communication with full duplex LoRaWAN gateway

Support LoRa point-to-point communication

Support RSSI detection

Current as low as 1.45uA in sleep mode

Upgrade firmware via serial port

Application field

Metering and billing

Smart home and building automation

Intelligent traffic intelligent parking lot

Wireless alarm and security system

Industrial monitoring and energy supply regulation

Remote irrigation and environmental monitoring

M2M application

Module specifications

Data summary

RHF76-052 specification: rhf76-052datasheet_v0.1.pdf

RHF78-052 Specification: rhf78-052datasheet_v0.1.pdf

RHF76-052 User Manual: Chinese  English

RHF76-052 Hardware Manual: Chinese  English

RHF76-052 AT command set: AT document

LoRaWAN Gateway Specification: Gateway rhf2s008 Specification