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Introduction Video

  1. Three-in and one-out HDMI+USB switch base on AiPi-KVM:Click to watch

1. Overview

AiPi-KVM is a three-in and one-out HDMI+USB switch that allows one monitor to switch to one of the three hosts, and at the same time switches the USB devices (keyboard, mouse, etc.) on the KVM to the target host. This device is convenient for developers to use when there is only one monitor and three computer hosts.
Currently, this source code only implements using buttons to switch hosts. The M61 module supports WiFi+BLE, so it can develop more remote switching methods. For example, you can add a control page to the AiPi-DSL_Dashboard project and open a TCP Server, AiPI-KVM develops a TCP client function and connects to AiPi-DSL_Dashboard to achieve quick control.

2. Development data

2.1 Instructions

AiPi-KVM Factory Firmware Instructions:CN EN

2.2 Schematic diagram

AiPi-KVM schematic diagram::Click to download

2.3 PCB data

2.4 Source code and firmware

  1. AiPi-KVM factory firmware:Click to download
  2. AiPi-KVM firmware source code Github address:
  3. AiPi-KVM firmware source code Github address:

3. Other information

  1. AG7111 datasheet:Click to download
  2. CH444G Analog Switch Data Sheet:Click to download
  3. SL2.1USB2.0 HUB chip data sheet:Click to download

4. Tutorials

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