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GPRS firmware release

GPRS firmware release

Please refer to the upgrade tutorial: GPRS 系列模组升级指南


Factory default version

Download link: ai-thinker_a9_a9g_at_v02.02.20190915r.rar

Updated: 25 September 2019

Release Notes:

  Fix the following issues:
  1. Fix the bug that UDP cannot enter transparent transmission mode.
  1. Added new functions of HTTP and MQTT
  2. Newly added low power mode type of A9 module
  3. Optimization of AT+RST instruction
  1. Update rda official 1236 version SVN synchronization
  2. Optimized HTTP and MQTT functions
  3. Optimize base station positioning effect
  4. Fix the problem that Gizwits tracker has a certain chance to crash
  1. Fix the problem of no SIM card but no prompt caused by the last version update
  2. Fix the problem that Gizwits cannot echo the received binary data and the output format modified in the previous version, the output format is restored to the same as the document
  3. Unify the unit of AT+LOCATION, unified as degree
  4. Fix the problem that AT+RST=2 cannot be shut down
  5. Fix the problem that TCP data cannot be sent when sending TCP heartbeat packets
  1. Solve the problem that the module cannot reply OK and multiple OK responses
  2. Add GPS LED indicator function, please refer to AT command document AT+GPNT command section for details
  3. Optimize the low power consumption of the serial port, refer to the AT+SLEEP instruction part of the AT document for details
  4. Optimize the AGPSRD command and fix the problem that GPRSRD is automatically turned on after turning on GPS
  5. Send AT+RST command, when the module shuts down and restarts, it will respond OK
  6. AT+MQTTPUB command, support non-visible ASCII characters, for specific usage, please refer to AT command about MQTT
  7. The response of AT+CIPSTATUS command will contain the string +CIPSTATUS
  8. Modified the default format of AT+CREG command reply, please refer to AT command of CREG for details
  1. Fix AT+GIZTRACKER=0, when sending causes crash when not connected, and when CGACT wrong logic
  2. Fix the memory leak under AT+HTTPGET, AT+HTTPPOST and at+gizstart errors and after the correct connection, which caused multiple restarts
  3. Fix the issue of mqtt publish memory leak
  4. Fix that other information will be printed out again after ready appears
  5. Optimize the timeout time of each instruction and set it to the upper limit of 40s
  6. Transplant the SDK officially provided by rda to solve the crash caused by the loss of uboot due to repeated power-up of vabt,
  7. Repair at+cifpsr command invalid
  8. Fix the AT+MQTTPUB command to set the message length to single digit, and it is impossible to send any form of message, such as json format
  9. Fix at+location=2 to always return 0 without obtaining valid data
  10. Modify the apn registration mode, this will cause the taacker command to automatically connect to the host computer

Development version

Download link: ai-thinker_a9_a9g_at_v02.02.20181011r.7z

Updated: 11 October 2018

Release Notes:

  Fix the following issues:
  1. Fixed the issue of GizTracker that appeared in the June firmware version
  2. Fixed the problem that there is one more \r\n data in the transparent transmission mode of the module
  3. Fixed the problem that the AT+CIFSR command cannot obtain the IP address before the TCP connection is established
  4. In some areas, there will be problems when using the default nmnet automatic activation, so the function of automatically activating the PDP after power-on is removed.
  5. Optimize AT+LOCATION

Remark: A9/A9G are different modules, but they use the same version of firmware