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Trace: A9G data

A9G data

A9G data

GPRS series firmware released: GPRS 固件发布

GPRS series firmware upgrade guide: GPRS 系列模组升级指南

Use AT commands to develop examples: GSM/GPRS操作示例

A9 specification: A9 specification

User Manual: A6/A9/A9G User Manual

AT instruction set: AT instruction set

Schematic: Hardware Information

Anxinke public account use tutorial-A9G: 安信可公众号使用指南

A9Tracker tutorial (app): A9Tracker app使用说明

A9G 10-minute docking with Gizwits Cloud to create your own product tutorial:

Note: The circuit design can refer to the schematic diagram of the A9G development board: Pudding 系列开发板-A9G开发板资料

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