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How to compile ESP32 NodeMCU firmware

How to compile ESP32 NodeMCU firmware

ESP32’s NodeMCU firmware is based on Espressifesp-idf , it is still under development.

Download code

cd /cygdrive/d/ESP32 (Enter your project directory)
git clone -b dev-esp32 --recursive (The --recursive attribute must be added, otherwise all modules cannot be pulled)
cd nodemcu-firmware

If –recursive is not added, please execute git submodule update –init to forcefully pull all submodules again.

Configuration Information

Note: NodeMCU-ESP32 uses custom partitions. The default partition information file is components/platform/partitions-2MB.csv. You need to copy this file to the nodemcu-firmware project directory.

For detailed configuration method, please refer to esp32_idf_menuconfig

Open cygwin terminal or execute Make Menuconfig in Eclipse

cd nodemcu-firmware (Enter your project directory)
make menuconfig

Configure the serial port

Configure Partition Table

Modify the code

Because the automatic detection of the Flash size and modification of the firmware header part temporarily has some problems, this information can be blocked at present. The location of this function is line 108 of components/base_nodemcu/user_main.c.

Download firmware

Execute make flash for automatic download

Or use ESP_DOWNLOAD_TOOLS to download

Verify Firmware


So far, the compilation of ESP32 NodeMCU-Firmware has been completed.