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ESP32-CAM camera development board

ESP32-CAM camera development board


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ESP32-CAM is the latest small size camera module released by Essence. The module can work independently as the smallest system, with a size of only 27*40.5*4.5mm, and a deep sleep current as low as 6mA.
ESP32-CAM can be widely used in various IoT applications, suitable for home smart devices, industrial wireless control, wireless monitoring, QR wireless identification, wireless positioning system signals and other IoT applications. It is an ideal solution for IoT applications .
ESP32-CAM adopts DIP package and can be used directly by plugging in the bottom plate, realizing the rapid production of products, providing customers with high-reliability connection methods, which is convenient for application in various IoT hardware terminal occasions.

Ultra-small 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi + BT/BLE SoC module

Product Features

Using low-power dual-core 32-bit CPU, can be used as an application processor

Main frequency up to 240MHz, computing power up to 600 DMIPS

Built-in 520 KB SRAM, external 8MB PSRAM

Support UART/SPI/I2C/PWM/ADC/DAC and other interfaces

Support OV2640 and OV7670 cameras, built-in flash

Support picture WiFI upload

Support TF card

Support multiple sleep modes.

Embedded Lwip and FreeRTOS

Support STA/AP/STA+AP working mode

Support Smart Config/AirKiss one-click network configuration

Support secondary development

Application scenarios

Home smart device image transmission

Wireless monitoring

Smart agriculture

QR wireless recognition

Pin definition

ESP32 pin definition

ESP32 pin definition


1. Please make sure that the input power of the module is at least 5V 2A, otherwise the picture may have water lines.

2. The ESP32 GPIO32 pin controls the camera power. When the camera is working, please pull GPIO32 low.

3. Since IO0 is connected to the camera XCLK, please leave IO0 in the air when using it, and do not connect it to high or low level.

4. The default firmware is already included in the factory, and no additional download is provided. Please be careful if you need to re-burn other firmware.

Camera driver code


Specification: ESP32-CAM Specification

Schematic diagram: ESP32-CAM schematic diagram

Camera specification (English version): ov2640_ds_1.8_.pdf

Usage tutorial: