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Introduction Video

  1. Ink screen base on AiPi-ESL-2.13:Click to watch

1. Overview

AiPi-ESL-2.13(AiPi-ESL-2.13)is an ink screen electronic label designed by Ai-Thinker open-source team using the PHY6222 Bluetooth chip. It adopts an extremely low power consumption design with an average power consumption of 30uA. It supports button batteries for power supply and is powered by a small The program configures the display content and transfers it to the screen.

2. Development data

2.1 Instructions

AiPi-ESL-2.13 factory firmware usage documentation:CNEN

2.2 Schematic diagram

AiPi-ESL-2.13 schematic diagram:click to download

2.3 PCBA data

2.4 Source code and firmware

  1. AiPi-ESL-2.13 Factory firmware:click to download
  2. AiPi-ESL-2.13 Compatible with AT firmware:click to download
  3. AiPi-ESL-2.13 AT command set:click to download
  4. AiPi-ESL-2.13 Firmware source code Github address:
  5. AiPi-ESL-2.13 Firmware source code Gitee address:

3. Other information

  1. Burning tool:click to download

4. Tutorials

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