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AiCloud 2.0 cloud server topic

AiCloud 2.0 cloud server topic

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AiCloud 2.0 is currently a test server and does not support commercial use

``Anxinke's original AT firmware users can directly upgrade from AiCloud 1.0 to AiCloud 2.0 through the AT+CIUPDATE command The AT firmware print information of AiCloud 2.0 is as follows:
=====Functional comparison===== —-
=====Development data summary===== —- ====Overview==== —- AiCloud 2.0 background management: AiCloud 2.0 后台管理简介
====Getting started==== —- Factory firmware: AiCloud 2.0 AT firmware 更新历史 AT development documentation: AiCloud 2.0 AT开发文档 AiSmart APP download: App treasure link
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``Support Android 4.0 and iOS 10.0 and above''

SDK development tutorial

SDK development API: AiCloud 2.0 SDK开发教程

Bulb light

Getting Started Guide for Bulb Light Project:lightstart

Bulb light project development example: 更新历史 aicloud_light_bulb.7z


Socket Project Getting Started Guide: 插座项目演示

Socket project development example: 更新历史 aicloud_plug.7z

Android Tutorial

Android development documentation: AiCloud Android SDK 开发指导

Android source code quick start guide: aicloud_v2_android_easy_use.pdf

Example of Android transparent transmission source code:

iOS Tutorial

iOS development documentation: AiCloud iOS SDK 开发指导

Quick Guide for iOS Source Code: aicloud_v2_ios_easy_use.pdf

Example of iOS transparent transmission source code:


Tool download: Development tool list

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