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How to install Anxinke integrated development environment

How to install Anxinke integrated development environment

Anxinke ESP series integrated development environment is a comprehensive IDE environment based on Windows + Msys32 + Eclipse + GCC launched by Anxinke Technology for the convenience of users who are not familiar with the development of the Linux platform. Note: You must build a java environment (JDK) before opening eclipes, because eclipse is developed in java


Anxinke integrated development environment has the following characteristics:

  • Support ESP8266 NONOS and FreeRTOS environment development (new ESP8266 RTOS SDK V3.0 and above)
  • Support ESP32 FreeRTOS environment development
  • Download and use, no need to configure the environment
  • Can directly compile the SDK development package officially launched by Espressif
  • Graphical interface development


Download link: Netdisk link Extraction code: fzfd

The file is packaged using the inno setup self-extracting program, the suffix is ​​exe, After downloading, double-click to decompress

=============The following tutorials are for the latest version, for reference only=============

The files under the link are

File name Description Remarks
AThinkerIDE_V1.0.exe Integrated development environment configuration tool One-click configuration of various environment variables
Anxinke eclipse operating instructions using integrated development environment operating instructions documentation


The download file is as follows:

Unzip AiThinkerIDE_V1.0.exe, for example, unzip to D:\Ai-Thinker\AiThinkerIDE_V1.0

##Note: Do not have Chinese or spaces in the installation path##


Run the Config.exe configuration program as an administrator, ``This configuration program only needs to be run once, and there is no need to run it afterwards''

Eclipse Path path is the path where eclipse.exe is located

Example: D:\Ai-Thinker\AiThinkerIDE_V1.0\eclipse\eclipse.exe

Msys32 Path path is the path where the msys32 bin file is located

Example: D:\Ai-Thinker\AiThinkerIDE_V1.0\msys32\usr\bin

Mingw32 Path is the path where the mingw32 bin file is located

Example: D:\Ai-Thinker\AiThinkerIDE_V1.0\msys32\mingw32\bin

After confirming that the configuration is correct, click Save, Config will automatically close and save the current configuration

When using Eclipse for the first time, you will be prompted to select a directory as the workspace, “Select the previous installation directory as the workspace” For example: D:\Ai-Thinker\AiThinkerIDE_V1.0

Then you can use Eclipse to develop the SDK

The above is the compilation of the ai-thinker integrated development environment to the SDK