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Anxinke Cloud Service Platform

Anxinke Cloud Service Platform


In the Internet of Things system, wifi devices, cloud servers and smart phones are the three important parts of the system. Our company has developed the esp8266 module. At the same time, our company has also developed its own cloud platform to provide customers with a complete set of IoT solutions.
Terms of Use of Anxinke Cloud Platform:

  1. Our company buys servers for customers, and the customers bear the cost of the server. Our engineers are responsible for building the cloud platform and maintaining the back-end server. The cloud management platform is 100% managed and used by the customer.
  2. Maintain the server for free and provide customers with corresponding technical support.
  3. Anyone who uses the esp8266 module manufactured by Anxinke can directly use this tutorial for the development and learning of Anxinke IoT.

Our company will upgrade the cloud platform to 2.0 in the near future. At that time, the 1.0 version will no longer be maintained and used. The Anxinke cloud platform is still open to the outside world, and we still provide services to help customers build private clouds.

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  • Fully naked data, no complicated protocols, suitable for embedded programming thinking, no need for JSON or HTTP protocol. Suitable for a single host to carry medium-scale products and services (100,000)
  • Support UDP hole punching P2P technology The only IoT cloud technology that supports this communication method.
  • Support data forwarding mechanism
  • Support WIFI device and device communication
  • Support WIFI device and smart terminal communication
  • Provide support for server-side construction
  • A common configuration of the server can be linked to 100,000 devices and stable online, and servers can be dynamically added to the tens of millions
  • Provide a complete set of technical support from APP cloud to ESP8266SDK.
  • Support group operation, and any dialogue in the group
  • Support device information SOS background message push to the designated server, so that manufacturers can control the device status and customer information at any time.
  • Support group equipment establishment and equipment authority management
  • The protocol core code is only 500 lines, ROM occupies 2K RAM occupies 1K. The docking service only takes about 1 day, and is equipped with a simulation docking agreement understanding tool.
  • There are demo demo boards and actual line products for software and hardware design reference, and stability evaluation.
  • The back-end database has a batch tool to import, and it supports to query all device information in the back-end, including online activation user binding information.
  • Support graphic information push.