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RHF2S008P4G is an IoT gateway for LoRaWAN-based LPWAN network deployment. As a PD device conforming to the IEEE 802.3 af/at standard, it can be remotely powered via PoE, can be wired to the cloud server via Ethernet, and support 4G for network connection , There is also a built-in GPS module inside to provide precise timing to support the LoRaWAN Class B protocol. The industrial gateway has a built-in high-performance 1.2GHz main frequency ARM Cortex-A53 core, and integrates an SX1301 LoRa baseband processing chip, which can support 8 multi-SF channels (SF12 to SF7), 1 single-SF channel and 1 high-speed GFSK channel. The output power can reach 27dBm, and the sensitivity can reach -142dBm@300bps. Under certain transmission period and data length conditions, a single gateway can access tens of thousands of nodes. RHF2S008P4G has a small size and very high reliability, which can be easily deployed outdoors or in complex environments.

Functional block diagram

Function block diagram

Application field

M2M, IoT, low-power wide area network LPWAN

wireless sensor network

Wireless water meter, electric meter, gas meter, heat meter data collection

Industry 4.0, industrial equipment monitoring

Wireless remote monitoring

Smart home, smart building, smart community, smart city

Wireless alarm and security system

Environmental data monitoring


LoRaWAN half-duplex communication mode;

Uplink supports 8 parallel Multi-SF LoRa channels, 1 Single-SF LoRa channel, and 1 high-speed GFSK channel;

The transmit power is up to 27dBm, and the receiver sensitivity reaches -141dBm@300bps;

Can support LoRaWAN ClassA/B/C mode;

Meet PoE power supply and comply with PoE IEEE 802.3 af/at standard;

It can support 10/100M Ethernet connection and 2G/3G/4G full Netcom connection at the same time, and can switch seamlessly;

Support PoE power supply of network cable within 100m;

High-reliability, high-protection industrial-grade equipment, with IP66 waterproof rating, can be easily installed and networked outdoors or in complex environments;

Technical Specifications

Data Specification

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RHF2s008P4G Gateway Specification: Gateway rhf2s008 Specification