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LoRa Gateway solution

LoRa Gateway solution


RG-02 is an indoor LoRaWAN gateway.Support Semtech data packet transponders and LoRaWAN base station functions, and is compatible with standard LoRaWAN protocol. Adopt mainstream LoRa modulation and demodulation chip solution (high frequency version: SX1302+2*SX1250, low frequency version: SX1301+2*1257), support 10 programmable parallel demodulation paths.
The gateway supports Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 3G/4G cellular network access, and can be easily deployed to various application sites. The RG-02 is preset with a variety of standard LoRaWAN frequency band options, which can adapt to different countries and regions. And it also supports user-defined frequency bands to build a private LoRa network.
RG-02 can communicate with ABP LoRaWAN terminal nodes without LoRaWAN server, and the data parsing and forwarding functions are realized by the gateway itself. This lightweight deployment method is very convenient for system integrators to access existing IoT applications directly without building LoRaWAN servers or using third-party LoRaWAN services.

Gateway features

  • Web GUl and SSH are managed through LAN or WiFi
  • Analog 49x LoRa demodulator
  • Maximum transmit power +27dBm
  • Preset a variety of LoRaWAN regional settings, support custom frequency points
    • High frequency version (EU868, IN865, RU864, KZ869), low frequency version (CN470)
  • Semtech Packet Forwarder
  • Multiple network access methods
    • WiFi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
    • Ethernet 10/100M
    • Cellular network


RG-02 specifications

low frequency version:CNEN

high frequency version:CNEN

Application development

RG-02 is connected to TTN platform to control LoRaWAN module:


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