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Test board burning method

Test board burning method

1. Use serial port tool to connect 51 test board RX, TX, GND, the connection method is shown in the figure below.

Test board image

2. Please download the software from the official website (

3. Open the STC-ISP tool, click the check MCU option, the module will automatically complete the software configuration;

4. Click “Open Program File”, select the Hex firmware of MCU, and note that the IRC frequency when the user program is running is “22.1184MHz”;

5. After the download is complete, please reset the test board again. Plug in the LoRa adapter board. This test requires two test boards, one for sending and the other for receiving. 6. When the module is powered on without any operation, the LoRa module enters the receiving mode. When one of the test boards presses one of the buttons, the module enters the sending mode, the light on the right side of the module will be on, and the other module is in the receiving module, if it receives data, the light on the left will flash.