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Instructions for use

Instructions for use

This wiki is built using dokuwiki, which aims to make it easier for users to access and learn materials

Subscription changes

You can click [Subscribe] on the right side of the page to subscribe to the page you follow, so that once the page is changed, an email will notify you


We support multi-language page construction, but due to time issues, only the Chinese version is available for the time being, and it may be gradually improved in the future.

Participate in construction

You can register for an account to have editing permissions.

You can also comment at the bottom of the page, feedback your opinions and suggestions, and notify the administrator to make changes

We welcome all netizens to improve the wiki, please refer to the description of Chinese grammar


Because we pay more attention to file transfer efficiency and compression ratio Therefore, the attachment uses the format uniformly

Import documents

Here there is a conversion tool that supports the conversion of html to dokuwiki

You can save the doc file as an html file, and then use the above tools to convert

pdf documents can also be converted to html through Solid Converter PDF

Writing style

  • There must be a space between English or numbers and non-punctuation Chinese, such as “1 firmware developed using AiCloud” instead of “1 firmware developed using AiCloud”
  • Pay attention to the capitalization of special nouns: Android, iOS, iPhone, Google, Apple, regardless of whether the sentence capital should be written in the same way.
  • Use blank line breaks as much as possible between each line, instead of forced line break \\ to perform line break
  • When revising the text, it is best to indicate the summary of the revised content


For any questions about the wiki, you can contact