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GPS module topic

GPS module topic


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BG01/BG01-T and BG02/BG02-T are modules independently developed by Boantong Technology based on the GK9501 navigation SoC chip, featuring low power consumption and small size. Support BDS/GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO/QZSS/SBAS multi-mode satellite positioning, with high-performance ceramic antenna, widely used in car navigation, smart wear, drones and other smart devices, can upgrade multi-mode positioning function.

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GP-01 and GP-02 are modules independently developed by Anxinke Technology based on the latest generation of self-developed radio frequency baseband integrated navigation SoC chips. They have the characteristics of low power consumption and small size, and support BDS+GPS dual mode for the first time. Joint positioning is the best choice for terminal equipment to replace a single GPS module or add Beidou positioning function. It can support customers to upgrade the multi-mode positioning function in smart devices such as tracker, OBD, positioning bracelet, campus card and so on.

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Features of BG series GPS module

Support BDS/GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO/QZSS/SBAS multi-system joint positioning and single system independent positioning

Support D-GNSS differential positioning, A-GNSS assisted positioning, ephemeris prediction, DR integrated navigation application, fastest data update rate 10Hz

32-bit application processor, maximum frequency 133MHz, support frequency dynamic adjustment

Support PPS output

Peripheral interface: UART

BG series GPS module selection table

Model BG01``New | BG02New | BG01-T New | BG02-TNew''
Size(mm) 16.2*12.2 10.3*9.9 26*25 21*18
Antenna External antenna External antenna Ceramic antenna Ceramic antenna
Certification RoHS RoHS RoHS RoHS

Features of GP series GPS module

Small size 12mm*16mm(GP-01); 9.7mm*10.1mm(GP-02).

The chip adopts 55nm process, QFN 40pin package, size 5mm*5mm*0.8mm

18mA ultra-low power consumption

Integrated RF, baseband and Flash

Support BDS/GPS joint positioning

Support A-GPS, A-BDS

On-chip LNA: 1.5dB noise figure

Power management: CPU automatically sleeps and automatically reduces power consumption during operation; supports 2.7-3.6V power supply, recommended 3.3V; RTC and backup circuit power can be as low as 1.5V.

Rich peripheral interfaces: 2 independent UART interfaces; 2 independent SPI interfaces; 1 I2C interface. The module is powered on and reads data directly from the serial port.

Working temperature: -40°C~85°C.

Resource summary

User manual and development documentation: GPS 文档中心

Development example: GPS 示例

Development tools: GPS测试工具

GP-02 hardware packageGP-02 package download

GP-01 hardware packageGP-01 package download

BG series GPS module hardware package library hardware package library

BG series GPS module firmwarefirmware download

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