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GPRS A6 Development Board

GPRS A6 Development Board

Instructions for use of A6 GPRS test version

1. Get the board, insert the SIM card and check whether the DIP switch is correct. Note: The SIM card holder is on the back of the A6 adapter board; the DIP switch can be turned on 1,3,5,6;

2. Plug in the USB and turn on the power to boot;

3. The boot process may take a long time due to the need to start the module and link to the Anxinke cloud;

4. Open the serial port, you can see the serial port output during the boot process, the default data sent by the serial port can be directly forwarded to the A6 module, and you can directly knock AT to test;

5. If you want to make a call, enter the target number through the keyboard and press the dial key. The headset is used by default. Note that the headset (with MIC) is inserted. If you want to hang up the call, press the dial key again. , Long press the dial/delete key, you can backspace to delete characters;

6. If you press the SMS button after entering the number, you can send a test SMS to the target number;

7. GPRS data service, through the App provided by Anxin, you can control the three-color light and buzzer of the development board;

8. DIP switch description; MCU_MAIN_RXD 51 MCU download serial port RXD

MCU_MAIN_TXD 51 MCU download serial port TXD

MCU_AT_RXD 51 MCU is connected to RXD of A6 module

MCU_AT_TXD 51 MCU is connected to TXD of A6 module

USB_RXD microUSB to serial TXD

USB_TXD microUSB to serial RXD

UART_TXD TXD of A6 module

UART_RXD RXD of A6 module

9. Through the HST_RXD and HST_TXD pins of the pins next to the buzzer, connect to the serial port to download the program to the A6 module;

10. Just connect the DIP switch to 1, 3, 5, and 6 to download the 51 program. Note that the module requires a large current to start, which will cause the CH340 to work unstable when downloading. It is best to remove the module when downloading the 51 program. ;