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The relevant information of the WeChat hardware platform has been discontinued, and the official does not provide WeChat-related support, please research by yourself

WeChat Direct Connect Cloud Platform LED Experiment

Download WeChat SDK source code:

1 New product ID

1.1 Log in to the official account backstage

Use the test account to log in to the official account background

1.2 Turn on the device function

Note that the current WeChat test account is not compatible with chrome, try to open it with IE browser, otherwise there will be a problem that the setting options cannot be found.

1.3 New product LED

After enabling the device function, click the [Settings button] behind the device function

Click [Add Product],

And configure the device as follows

Product capabilities need to be based on WeChat official documents: new/index.html?page=4-5 for definition, here we take a WeChat standard panel as the standard, and only define the switch and brightness adjustment.

So far we have completed the configuration of the WeChat public backend.

1.4 Get a license

According to the document, each device must have a license allocated by WeChat. Can run normally,

First replace the appid and secret below with the background information of your own official account

Obtain a valid access_token

Then find the product ID of the official account backend,

Replace the information in the link below with the access_token and product ID obtained above

Obtain the following information

Save the acquired data, the following firmware will use it.

2 Compile the firmware

Download the SDK open by Anxin,

ESP8266 SDK发布

Open airkiss_cloud.h and rewrite the license

static const uint8_t devlicence[] = “LICENCE”;

Open airkiss_lan.h and modify the following two lines of code as your actual code

#define DEVICE_TYPE “gh_804431aea205”

#define DEVICE_ID “gh_804431aea205_264891b9bd1cfbcf”

Compile the firmware, pay attention to configure the compilation options as






3 Flash firmware

The firmware programming addresses are as follows:

BIN File Address
boot_v1.5.bin 0x0 0x01000
esp_init_data_default.bin 0x0FC000
blank.bin 0x0FE000

Please refer to for the firmware programming process

4 Configure airkiss

After the development board burns the firmware, power on again, long press the function button, the development board enters the configuration network mode, and the LED keeps changing colors.

At this point, open the mobile phone WeChat, scan the product model QR code, and enter the following interface:

Click [Configure Internet Access]

Enter the password and click [Connect] to start configuration

Configuration is successful


5 Binding device

Click to return to the previous step, search for devices,

Search for the device, click the device name to bind

6 Control

Enter the official account, click on my device

Or open the URL directly

Select the device to be controlled, click the device name to enter the control interface

Click the switch, you can see the change of led on and off

Drag the slider to see the change of led brightness

At this point, the development experience of WeChat hardware directly connected to the cloud has ended.