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ESP8266 Document Center

ESP8266 Document Center

This page collects ESP8266 related documents


ESP8266EX technical specification Chinese EN
ESP8285 Technical Specification Chinese (ESP-01F, ESP-01M, ESP-01E, ESP-01D internal chips use ESP8285)

Hardware documentation

ESP8266EX pin list Chinese

Product Specification

user manual

Getting Started Manual

NONOS-SDK Document

ESP8266_SDK Getting Started Guide Chinese EN

ESP8266_iot_demo guide Chinese EN

ESP8266_SDK_API Reference Guide Chinese EN


ESP8266AT instruction set  Chinese  EN

ESP8266AT command usage example Chinese EN

Application Document

ESP8266/8285 series module backplane pcb design reference Anxinke ESP series module PCB design and antenna placement design reference

ESP8266SSL Encryption Manual Chinese EN

ESP8266 low power solution Chinese EN

ESP8266flash read and write instructions Chinese EN

ESP8266 Cloud Upgrade Guide Chinese EN

ESP8266 firmware download protocol Chinese EN

ESP8266 Technical Reference Chinese EN

ESP8266 FAQ Chinese EN

ESP8266 Hardware Design Guide Chinese EN

ESP8266WIFI channel selection guide Chinese EN

RTOS-SDK documentation

ESP8266RTOS_SDK Programming Manual Chinese EN

ESP8266RTOS_SDKAPI reference Chinese

Note: This document is an API reference for the old ESP8266 RTOS SDK V2.X and previous versions.
For the new version of ESP-IDF style ESP8266_RTOS_SDK V3.0 and later, please refer to programming code Programming Guide

Advanced Application

ESP-TOUCH User Guide Chinese EN

ESP-NOW User Guide Chinese EN