Ai-Thinker Technology

Trace: Small yellow board

Small yellow board

Small yellow board

Quick start

1. Install IOT.APK on Android phones and the iPhone will be released later;

2. After the shorting cap is connected, power on and enter the programming mode; after removing it, it enters the normal operating state;

3. After installing the battery, the phone searches for the hot AP issued by the development board: AI-THINKER;

4. The mobile phone joins this AP, the password is: ai-thinker;

5. After joining successfully, you can directly control the module with your mobile phone;

6. Enter the “SSID” and “password” of the home router in “Configure Device”, click the router icon above, and wait for a while after the jump to join the router, connect the mobile phone to the router WiFi, and “discover the device” again to achieve the LAN Internal control.

Data download

APK download:

Schematic diagram, IoT firmware, and getting started guide download: