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NodeMCU-32S Core Development Board

NodeMCU-32S Core Development Board


NodeMCU-32S is a core development board designed by Essence based on the ESP32-32S module. The development board continues the classic design of NodeMCU 1.0, leading most of the I/O to the headers on both sides, and developers can connect peripherals according to their needs. When using the breadboard for development and debugging, the standard headers on both sides can make the operation easier and more convenient.

Pin Diagram

Dimension drawing

Schematic diagram

How to use

1. Connect the cable

Use the Micro USB cable to connect the PC and the Nodemcu core development board, and confirm the COM port of the chip from the Windows Device Manager.

2. Download the factory default firmware

Download the factory firmware, configure according to the 如何为 ESP 系列模组烧录固件 chapter

3. Verify the download result

After the download is complete, use the serial port tool to open the port, view the data output, and print as follows:

When the program is executed for the first time, the file system will be formatted automatically, which will take a long time, please be patient.

Use the serial port tool to send print(“hello NodeMCU”) (note the line feed\r\n)

The program results are shown as follows:

4. Use ESPlorer to debug Lua

First download ESPlorer (note that java operating environment is required)

After downloading, open ESPlorer.bat and run ESPlorer

Select the correct port, open the serial port (115200,8,n,1), click [FS Info] or [Reset] at the bottom, you can see the module output, and the connection is normal.

Click [Open] on the left to open a lua file, and click [Save to ESP] or [Send to ESP] to upload to esp32, you can see the result of NodeMCU-32S running the lua script.

Note: ESP-Lua is still in the development stage, and some functions are still unavailable, only for development learning and experience. Please submit related bugs and feedback to

How to compile