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Nodemcu-32s Development Board

Nodemcu-32s Development Board

The Nodemcu-32s module is developed by Ai-Thinker Technology. The core of this module is the ESP32 chip, which is scalable and adaptive. The two CPU cores can be controlled separately. The adjustment range of the clock frequency is from 80 MHz to 240 MHz. It supports RTOS and is a universal Wi-Fi+BT+BLE MCU module.

The Nodemcu-32s module integrates traditional Bluetooth, low energy Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It has a wide range of uses: Wi-Fi supports a wide range of communication connections, and it also supports direct connection to the Internet through a router; and Bluetooth allows users to connect Mobile phone or broadcast BLE Beacon to facilitate signal detection. The module supports a data transmission rate of up to 150 Mbps, and an antenna output power of 20 dBm, which can achieve the widest range of wireless communication. Therefore, this module has industry-leading technical specifications, and has excellent performance in terms of high integration, wireless transmission distance, power consumption, and network connectivity.

The operating system of ESP32 is freeRTOS with LwIP, and built-in TLS with hardware acceleration 1.2. The chip also supports OTA encryption upgrade, which is convenient for users to continue upgrading after the product is released.

Usage details: NodeMCU-32S 核心开发板

NodeMCU-32_V1.3 Specification Chinese

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