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1. Overview

AiPi-Cam-D(AiPi-Cam-D) is a camera core board designed by Ai-Thinker Technology for the high-performance module design Ai-M61-32S. The pins are fully compatible with Ai-WB1-32S-CAM. At the same time, TF card holder is added to make up for the deficiency of Ai-WB1-32S-CAM. AiPi-Cam-D is connected to a 30w pixel camera by default, and leads out all unused pins, which is convenient for development.

2. Development data

2.1 Instructions

2.2 Schematic diagram

2.3 PCB data

  1. Online open source engineering address:
  2. PCB project file:Click to download

2.4 Source code and firmware

3. Other information

  1. Camera Data Sheet: Click to download

4. Tutorials

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