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Trace: Update history

Update history

Update history

2017-6-2 version

The function is the same as version

Upgrade sdk2.1.0, modify to 1024+1024map mode, flash requirement>=2MByte.

The version is stopped, and the AT+CIUPDATE function of version is closed, and AT+CLDOTA will not be upgraded.

Open the CIUPDATE&CLDOTA upgrade function of, and continue to develop and upgrade as the initial version.

2017-5-17 version

Add webconfig( new features use)


Add GPIO0 to restore the factory function (within 1s after power-on, pull down IO0, keep it for 3s, **module restores production setting AT+RESTORE)

2017-3-24 version

Modify the network status. When the ssid connection is lost, it no longer automatically jumps to the smartlink state, but continuously reconnects to the ssid.

2017-3-10 version

Fix CLDOTA bug.

2017-1-10 version