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Introduction to AiCloud 2.0 background management

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Introduction to AiCloud 2.0 background management

AiCloud 2.0 is a complete and mature private cloud platform that uses high-quality open source projects, and documents and protocols are open.

Note: The following interface is for background management and is not open to ordinary users.

System overview

Show some important data information of the private cloud, including the number of products, the number of devices, the number of online devices in the past 6 months, and the device data in the past 6 months.

Product Management

Maintain manufacturer's product information, including product management, product model management, data point management, and firmware management.

To To create a new product, the input format of the product name and description is in Chinese, English and numbers. Enter up to 32 Chinese characters or 64 English letters for the product name. Click Upload Picture to upload the local picture to the server. The picture file should be less than 1M. Click “Submit” to complete the product creation operation, and click “Cancel” to cancel the product creation.

Edit product, ibid.

Add product model

Key pair management

This is an encryption mechanism for devices and apps to access the server. Disabling a certain key pair can disable all devices under the product.

Broker management

A complete AiCloud requires at least 10 servers to run to ensure data disaster tolerance and millions of devices to connect.

Corporate Information

Fill in the relevant information of the company.

Connection Management

You can manage each connected device and it is not yet open.

Change password

Modify the password of the administrator account.



Display device data: number of devices online, number of activated devices, average online duration, device activity, device list, etc. Show it graphically.