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Various AT firmware summary

Various AT firmware summary

①, Boantong AT firmware

Features: simple operation, any mcu can be directly connected

Download link: Boantong factory firmware

Updated: December 22, 2019

Update instructions: v1.7.1.0 AT Firmware, which contains two versions of 8Mbit and 32Mbit, please download according to the flash size of your product

②, AT firmware directly connected to Tencent development platform

Features: can connect to Tencent development platform

Download link: Ai-Thinker Tencent Cloud AT Firmware

Update description: Updated on February 28, 2020, the serial port pins are txd=GPIO15, rxd=GPIO13.

③, MQTT transparent transmission of AT firmware (default)

Features: Support TLS connection, please note that the communication pins are (txd=GPIO15, rxd=GPIO13)

Download link: mqtt firmware

Instructions: instruction

Updated: February 21 2020

Update description: IO13 is RX, IO15 is TX as AT serial port and MCU TX/RX connection, serial port 1 is log serial port, the default baud rate is 115200

④, MQTT transparent transmission of AT firmware (AT communication serial port is changed to UART0)

Features: Support TLS connection

Download link: MQTT firmware (modified)

Instructions for use: instruction

Updated: May 9 2020

Update description: Normal RX and TX are used as AT serial port to connect with MCU TX/RX, serial port 1 is used as log serial port, the default baud rate is 115200

⑤, factory default AT firmware

Features: One instruction can be connected to Anxinke cloud service, simple operation, any MCU can be directly connected to

Download link: ai-thinker_esp8266_at_firmware_dout_v1.5.4.1-a_20171130.rar

Updated: November 30, 2017

Update instructions: v1.5.4.1 AT Firmware, which contains 8Mbit and 32Mbit versions. Note: 1MByte flash module is not available because of insufficient memory. All AT firmware with AiCloud2.0 cannot be used, and flash is greater than or equal to 2MByte. Before using the CIUPDATE command to upgrade, please make sure that the flash of the module is greater than or equal to 2M!