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Ai-Thinker Ra-07/Ra-07H module is a LoRaWAN module that supports long-distance communication, ultra-low power consumption, high sensitivity, and high cost performance. The chip ASR6501 of the module integrates a LoRa radio transceiver, a LoRa modem and a 32-bit RISC MCU. MCU uses ARM Cortex M0 + core, operating frequency is 48MHz. The operating frequency range of ASR6501 can support continuous coverage from 150MHz to 960MHz; it supports LoRa modulation and (G)FSK modulation.

Ra-08(H) is an LoRa module designed and developed by Shenzhen Ai-Thinker Technology Co., Ltd. The module is used for ultra-long distance spread spectrum communications. Its chip ASR6601 is a universal LPWAN wireless communication SOC, integrated with RF transceivers, modems, and a 32-bit RISC MCU. The MCU adopts an ARM core with a working frequency of 48MHz. The Ra-08 module supports LoRa modulation and traditional (G) FSK modulation under the LPWAN. At the same time, the transmitter also supports BPSK modulation and (G) MSK modulation, receiver support (G) MSK modulation. The Ra-08 module provides long-range and ultra-low power communications for LPWAN applications, which can be widely used in smart meters, supply chain and logistics, home building automation, security system, remote irrigation system and other scenes.

Application field

It can be widely used in various IoT scenarios:

  • Automatic meter reading
  • Home Building Automation
  • Security system
  • Remote irrigation system

Resource summary

Ra-07H_Product Specification  Ra-07H Product Specification

Ra-07_Product Specification Ra-07 Product Specification

Ra-07/Ra-07H AT command manual: Ra-07/Ra-07H_AT command manual

Ra-07/Ra-07H development instruction manual and development environment setup: Ra-07/Ra-07H_development instruction manualRa-07/Ra-07H Development Environment Construction Manual

Ra-07/Ra-07H User Manual: Ra-07/Ra-07H_User Manual

Ra-07/Ra-07H Hardware Design Guide: Ra-07/Ra-07H Hardware Design Guide

Ra-07/Ra-07H API user manual: Ra-07/Ra-07H_API user manual

Ra-07/Ra-07H RF debugging guide: Ra-07/Ra-07H RF debugging guide

Ra-07/Ra-07H Q&A Manual: Ra-07/Ra-07H_Q&A Manual

Source code: Ra-07/Ra-07H open source code

FAQ: LoRaWAN_FAQ common problem

Ra-08(H) Resource summary


Ra-08: Chinese EN

Ra-08-Kit: Chinese EN

Ra-08H: Chinese EN

Ra-08H-Kit: Chinese EN

Ra-08(H) secondary development source code:

Ra-08(H)secondary development GPIO Pin Description: Pin Specifications

Ra-08(H) Firmware burning tool: click to download

Ra-08(H) factory firmware v1.3.4 (LoRaWAN 1.0.2 Spec):CN470 EU868 US915

Ra-08(H) factory firmware v1.4.0 (LoRaWAN 1.0.3 Spec): CN470 CN470A AS923 AU915 EU868 IN865 US915

RA-08(H) AT command set:ChineseEnglish

Ra-08(H) AT Transparent Transmission Firmware: v0.0.4

Code example for the demo of Ra-08 module( Click to download

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