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AiPi-Eyes-Sx multi-function development board

AiPi-Eyes-Sx multi-function development board

1. Overview

AiPi-Eyes series is a development board specially designed for Ai-M61-32S by Ai-Thinkeropen source team, supporting WiFi6 and BLE5.3. The Ai-M61-32S module equipped has rich peripheral interfaces, including DVP, MJPEG, Display, AudioCodec, USB2.0, SDU, Ethernet (EMAC), SD/MMC (SDH), SPI, UART, I2C, I2S, PWM, GPDAC, GPADC, ACOMP, GPIO, etc. It integrates SPI screen interface, DVP camera interface, reserved TF deck, and leads out USB interface, which can be connected to USB camera.

2. Development data

2.1 Instructions

Ai-Pi-Eyes-S1 user manual:CNEN

Ai-Pi-Eyes-S2 user manual:CNEN

2.2 Schematic diagram

2.3 PCBA data

1. Ai-Pi-Eyes-S1 online PCB project address:

2. Ai-Pi-Eyes-S2 online PCB project address:

3. Ai-Pi-Eyes-S1 PCB project file:click to download

4. Ai-Pi-Eyes-S2 PCB project file:click to download

5. Ai-Pi-Eyes-S1 BOM file:click to download

6. Ai-Pi-Eyes-S2 BOM file:click to download

2.4 Source code and firmware

Secondary development SDK source address:

Ai-Pi-Eyes-S1 test firmware:click to download

Ai-Pi-Eyes-S2 test firmware:click to download

AiPi Eyes weather station firmware:click to download

AiPi Eyes weather station data pack:click to download

3. Other information

1. LVGL Chinese Manual:CNEN

2.ES8388 audio decoder chip manual:Click to view

3. 3.5 inch screen information:click to download

4. Tutorials

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