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Rd-Kit debugging board

Rd-Kit debugging board

I. Overview

Rd-Kit is a radar test board developed by Shenzhen Ai-Thinker Technology Co., Ltd. It is adapted to Rd-02B, Rd-02C, Rd-03, Rd-03D, Rd-03E and Rd-04, which is specially designed for radar debugging scenarios.

The core processor chip PHY6252(SSOP24) is a highly integrated low-power Bluetooth system-on-chip (SoC). The secondary development of Ai-Thinker with Ai-Thinker Assistant APP can detect and adjust the data and parameters of six radars, namely, Rd-02B, Rd-02C, Rd-03, Rd-03D, Rd-03E and Rd-04. Designed Bluetooth chip reset button and radar's serial port power failure reset button.

2. Module Features


  1. Supports Rd-02B, Rd-02C, Rd-03, Rd-03D, Rd-03E and Rd-04 module
  2. Equipped with Ai-Thinker's APP for data detection and parameter adjustment
  3. Support BLE5.2,rate support: 125Kbps,500Kbps,1Mbps,2Mbps
  4. Has 64 KB SRAM,256KB flash,96 KB ROM,256bit efuse
  5. Support serial local upgrade and remote firmware upgrade (FOTA)
  6. There are six status indicators, one red and five blue, corresponding to the different states of Rd-Kit
  7. Support secondary development, integrated with Windows, Linux development environment

Select table: Radar series parameter comparison

3. Manuals and specifications

Rd-Kit specification:CN EN

4. Secondary development information

SDK source code address:uploading..

Factory Firmware (FW No.:2370):Click to download

Rd-Kit Factory Firmware Burning Tool:Click to download

Rd-Kit Firmware Burn-in Guide:Click to view

Rd-Kit调试板使用指导博文:Radar Bluetooth Rd-Kit Debug Board Tutorial①

Assurant Network Assistant App:Android APK IOS to be uploaded

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