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Rd-04 Module

Rd-04 Module

I. Overview

Rd-04 is a motion perception module based on X-band radar developed by Shenzhen Ai-Thinker Technology Co., Ltd.
This module uses Phosense's XBR818 chip with a center frequency of 10.525GHz.The module design adopts fixed frequency, directional transmission Transmitting and receiving antennas (1T1R), integrated IF demodulation, signal amplification and digital processing functions, with delay setting, sensing Ability to adjust the range of knowledge. The module has the advantages of not penetrating walls, anti-interference, small size, good suppression of clutter and high-order harmonics, High stability and consistency and other advantages. In the module pulse power supply mode, the power consumption is at the microampere level. This mod is mainly for low cost, low power applications.
The module is suitable for embedded concealed installation, and is not affected by temperature/humidity, oil fume, water mist, etc. It can be widely used in various lamps,Such as bulb lights, downlights, ceiling lights, etc.; low-power application scenarios, such as video doorbells, peepholes, door locks, and low-power cameras machine, intelligent cat litter box, feeder, etc.

2. Module Features


  1. Adopt DIP package, standard 2.0mm header
  2. Radar supports 10.525G frequency band
  3. Integrated digital signal detection and processor, real-time output of moving target detection results
  4. Support IIC bus configuration
  5. Support pulse power supply mode
  6. Support integrated photosensitive driver
  7. Support various installation methods such as ceiling and wall
  8. The maximum sensing distance of the radar is up to 6.5 meters
  9. Large radar detection angle, coverage up to ±50 degrees

Application scenario:

  1. Human sensor light control
  2. Human body induction wake-up of equipment such as advertising screens
  3. Life safety protection
  4. Smart Appliances
  5. Smart Security

Select table: Radar series parameter comparison

3. Specifications

Rd-04 Specification:CN EN

4. Application Documents

  1. Routine Introduction of Rd-04 Module STM32:STM32 Driver Tutorial for Anxin Kexin Radar Module Rd-04
  2. STM32 usage routine:Rd-04 example

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