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Rd-03 Module

Rd-03 Module

I. Overview

Rd-03 is a radar module developed by Shenzhen Ai-Thinker Technology Co., Ltd., which is equipped with Iclegend's S3KM1110 chip
S3KM1110 is an integrated microcontroller mmWave sensor SoC based on FMCW radar transceiver technology. It operates in the K-band at 24 GHz with a modulation bandwidth of up to 1 GHz per single-frequency sweep. Use FMCW frequency modulation continuous wave to detect the target in the set space. Combined with radar signal processing, high-sensitivity motion detection and micro-motion detection are realized.
The Rd-03 module can sense whether there is a moving or micro-moving human body in the area, and realize real-time detection results. A visual configuration tool is provided to easily configure the sensing distance range, sensing sensitivity in different intervals and unmanned delay time, etc.

Rd-03D is a radar module developed by Shenzhen Ai-Thinker Technology Co., Ltd. equipped with Iclegend's S5KM312CL chip. Rd-03D is an integrated microcontroller millimeter wave sensor SoC based on FMCW radar transceiver technology. It operates in the 24GHz K-band with a maximum sweep bandwidth of 0.25GHz. This module uses FMCW waveform and S5 series chip's proprietary advanced signal processing technology, combined with MCU's proprietary radar signal processing and built-in intelligent positioning and tracking algorithm, to detect multiple targets in a designated area and report the results in real time. It accurately senses the motion status of the human body and the area, and is equipped with an intelligent algorithm to realize motion trajectory identification and tracking, and to measure the speed and distance of targets in the area.

Rd-03E is a radar module equipped with SiDianMicro's S3KM111L chip developed by Shenzhen Ai-Thinker Technology Co., Ltd. It operates in the 24GHz K-band, with a modulation bandwidth of up to 1GHz per single frequency scan. This module uses the FMCW waveform and the advanced signal processing technology proprietary to the S3 series chip to achieve accurate human sensing range measurement, distance information display and gesture recognition. The Rd-03E module can detect and identify movements and micro-movements of the human body, and report real-time distances. It can detect targets and gestures in designated areas and report the results in real time.

Rd-03L is an ultra-low-power human presence millimeter-wave sensor developed by Shenzhen Ai-Thinker Technology Co., Ltd. It features simplified 24 GHz radar sensor hardware and low-power human presence sensingintelligent algorithm firmware. Equipped with AloT millimeter-wave sensor SoC ICL1112, high-performance 24GHz transmit-receive antenna, and peripheral circuits; the low-power intelligent human presence sensing algorithm utilizes millimeter-wave sensor distance measurement technology and advanced proprietary radar signal processing and low-power control technology of the ICL1112 chip, enabling precise detection of motion, slight movement, and stationary human bodies. The low-power human presence sensing algorithm firmware is primarily used in indoor scenarios to detect whether there is motion or slight movement of human bodies within the area, refreshing detection results in real-time.

2. Module Features


  1. The radar antenna supports 1 reception and 1 transmission, with narrow antenna beam, high resolution, wide frequency band, and strong anti-interference ability.
  2. The farthest sensing distance of the radar is up to 6.5 meters.
  3. Large radar detection angle, coverage up to ±60 degrees.
  4. Ultra-small module size: 20*20mm, plug and play, real-time reporting of detection results.
  5. High sensitivity, accurate ranging, and wide detection range.
  6. The intelligent parameter adjustment of the radar can be realized through the serial port, which is convenient and fast.
  7. Support various installation methods such as ceiling hanging and wall hanging.

Application scenario:

  1. Smart home: Perceive the existence and distance of the human body, report the monitoring results, and intelligently control home appliances to operate on demand;
  2. Smart security: sensor access control, sensor alarm, trigger linkage application with camera, etc.
  3. Smart lighting: identify and sense the human body, and accurately detect the position, which can be used in public places or home lighting equipment such as sensor lights, bulb lights, table lamps, mirror lights, etc.;
  4. Intelligent business: Interval sensing, to identify the approach or departure of the human body within the set distance interval; light up the screen in time, and keep the device always on when the human body is present;
  5. New energy charging/parking monitoring facilities: can trigger charging pile screen, parking space monitoring, wireless charging to prevent human intrusion, etc.

Select table: Radar series parameter comparison

3. Rd-03 Related development information

3.1 Specifications

Rd-03 Specification:CN EN

3.1 Secondary development information

Factory firmware (firmware number: 2165):Firmware

Rd-03 module SDK:Download

Use tutorial:Download

Rd-03 Serial port communication protocol:click to view

Visual configuration tool download :CN

Rd-03 with STM32 to make a simple human body sensor radar light tutorial:

4. Rd-03D Related development information

4.1 Rd-03D Specification

Rd-03D specificationCN EN

Rd-03D factory firmware(firmware No.:2307):click to download

STM32 driver Rd-03D with VC-02 production headcount detection broadcaster tutorial:click to download

Rd-03D host computer software:CN

Rd-03D UART burning host computer:CN EN

5. Rd-03E Related development information

5.1 Rd-03E specification

Rd-03E specification:CN EN

Rd-03E Accurate ranging firmware(firmware No.2268):click to download

Rd-03E Gesture recognition firmware(firmware No.2269):click to download

STM32 drives Anxinke Rd-03E to light up the LED light tutorial:click to download

Rd-03E Accurate ranging host computer:click to download

Rd-03E Gesture recognition host computer:click to download

6. Rd-03L Related development information

6.1、Rd-03L specification

Rd-03L specification:CN EN

Rd-03L Factory firmware(firmware No.:0762):click to download

Ultra-low power consumption realizes human presence detection, and the host computer configuration is quick to get started and can be used right out of the box.:Ai-Thinker radar Rd-03L detection tutorial

Rd-03L host computer software:CN EN


Hardware packaging

Rd-03 Recommended package: click to download

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