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Trace: AiPi-Cam-D200



1. Overview

AiPi-Cam-D200 is a camera core board designed by Ai-Thinker for high-performance module design Ai-M61-32S, the pins are fully compatible with Ai-WB1-32S-CAM, and the TF cardholder is added to make up for the lack of Ai-WB1-32S-CAM. AiPi-Cam-D200 accesses 200w pixel camera by default and leads out all unused pins for easy development.

2. Development data

2.1 Instructions

  1. AiPi-Cam-D200 firmware documentation:CN EN

2.2 Schematic diagram

  1. AiPi-Cam-D schematic diagram:Click to download

2.3 PCB data

  1. Online open source engineering address:
  2. PCB project file:Click to download

2.4 Source code and firmware

3. Other information

4. Tutorials

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