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LoRa series module topic

LoRa series module topic

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Anxinke LoRa series modules are designed and developed by Anxinke Technology based on the SX127X/SX126X/ASR6501 series of chips. They mainly use LoRa™ remote modems for ultra-long-distance spread spectrum communication. They have strong anti-interference and can minimize current consumption. With SEMTECH's LoRa™ patented modulation technology, SX1268 has a high sensitivity of over -148dBm, a power output of +22dBm, a long transmission distance and high reliability. It continuously covers frequencies from 150 MHz to 960 MHz and supports all major Sub-GHz ISM bands in the world. At the same time, compared to traditional modulation technology, LoRa™ modulation technology also has obvious advantages in terms of anti-blocking, transmission distance, and low power consumption, which solves the problem of distance, anti-interference and power consumption that traditional design solutions cannot simultaneously take into account.

Application field

It can be widely used in various IoT scenarios:

  • Automatic meter reading
  • Home Building Automation
  • security system
  • Remote irrigation system


  • Support FSK, GFSK, MSK, GMSK, LoRa™ and OOK modulation methods
  • Ultra-high receiving sensitivity as low as -140 dBm
  • Has excellent anti-blocking properties
  • Support preamble detection
  • Support half-duplex SPI communication
  • With CRC, up to 256 bytes of packet engine
  • Adopt small volume double row stamp hole patch package

Receiving sensitivity


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