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PB/TG Series of Bluetooth Module

PB/TG Series of Bluetooth Module


Ai-Thinker technology designed a general Bluetooth module for the Internet of things, which is powerful and widely used. It can be used for smart lamp, smart socket, smart air conditioner and other smart appliances. At the same time, it conforms to the specifications of ble 5.0 and SIG mesh. It can build a mesh network directly through a smartphone, and it can also dock with smart speakers such as tmall Genie , which is suitable for a variety of smart home application scenarios.

1. Support up to BLE 5.2 protocol, supports Sig Mesh, supports Tmall Genie/APP voice control, supports Amazon Alexa Echo audio control

2. Support half hole pad, antenna hole and onboard antenna. The half hole pad can guide the antenna to the main board, and the antenna hole can directly weld the spring antenna on the module

3. Brightness (duty cycle) adjustment range 5% - 100%, PWM output frequency 1kHz

4. ESP32-G Bluetooth gateway is supported to realize remote control anytime and anywhere

5. Support the secondary development of SDK in Windows environment, open source of all data codes, support at command access to tmall Genie

6. Support Android / IOS app and wechat mini program control

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PB-03 series specification

  • PB-03 Series Module Chip Datasheet: EN

TG-02 series specification

  • Comparison table of software and hardware parameters of each module of the TG-02 series: comparison table
  • TG-02 specification:CNEN
  • TG-02F specification:CNEN
  • TG-02M specification:CNEN
  • TG-02-Kit specification:CNEN
  • TG-02F-Kit specification:CNEN
  • TG-02M-Kit specification:CNEN

2.Firmware information

PB-01/PB-02 series

  • PB-01/PB-02 Bluetooth ble transparent transmission (non-mesh) AT commands: CN
  • PB-01/PB-02 Tmall Genie docks AT proprietary firmware(firmware version:1261): firmware AT user manual
  • PB-01/PB-02 Factory AT firmware (BLE regular function, firmware version 1212):firmware
  • PB-01/PB-02 Test AT firmware (BLE regular function):new firmware
  • PB-01/PB-02 Module Mesh Networking Data Package:click to download
  • PB-01/PB-02 Module Mesh Networking Tutorial (AT Command):pb_02-app_ble_mesh.pdf

PB-03 series


  • TG-02/TG-02F/TG-02M Module factory firmware and instruction set: CN

Application information

  • PB-01/02 Tmall Genie docking at proprietary firmware: firmware

Hardware information

Certification certificate

  • PB-02 SRRC Certificate:SRRC

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