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LoRa Gateway solution

LoRa Gateway solution


Ai-Thinker LoRa Gateway (RG-01) is designed and developed by Ai-Thinker Technology. This gateway is used for ultra-long distance spread spectrum communication. Built-in three RF chips SX1278 has high sensitivity of -148dBm and power output of +20dBm, long transmission distance, high reliability; it can send and receive data in three RF channels at the same time. Each channel can be set with different operating frequency and rate parameters without interfering with each other. Automatically select idle channels to send and receive data during high-load work. Under the premise of low cost, three-channel communication with loRa nodes is realized, and higher communication efficiency is realized.

It supports air wakeup, provides three working modes with different power consumption, and supports multiple networking functions such as 4G/WIFI/Ethernet port.

Gateway features

  • LoRa private concentrator protocol, flexible, simple, and customizable
  • The node modules in the area are automatically added to the gateway to form a star network, and three working modes of Class A/Class B/Class C can be selected to join the gateway
  • LoRA gateway three-channel communication, three working frequencies can be configured, and three channels of data can be sent and received at the same time.
  • Support WAN port, support WIFI, optional 4G module
  • Support MQTT protocol to connect to cloud server, open MQTT protocol interface
  • Long-distance transmission, the transmission distance can reach 3000 meters in the open outdoor
  • Using MediaTek processor MT7688, main frequency: 580MHz, 128Mb Flash, 512Mb RAM
  • Support frequency hopping communication, wake up in the air, CAD channel detection
  • Support standard POE power supply or power adapter power supply

Resource summary

RG-01 specification: RG-01_product specification RG-01 Product Specification

RG-01 control software (PC side):

RG-01 User Manual: RG-01 User Manual_20200718

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